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Jasleen is a sweetheart

I know I am very pretty and I am willing to say this to everyone I meet I am that confident you must know that I wear very interesting clothes which are never over the top and I would like to tell you something you may not have heard about anyone what is so different about me is that I am a person who never sits and waits I like to know that I am going to meet a good man only and I am very sure that you are one such person can you make sure that you are it will be very easy for you to have a great time with me as you are craving some mystery and adventure in life after a lot of days of working everyone needs a break and the best break you can have is to sit with a beautiful woman and have a long chat alongwith that you must have cocktails and some super fine food to enjoy your life your life must be super great and I am waiting for you to have the best and you can have a lot by having lots of money and making a big life for yourself in addition you must have great company with you as in a hot date find Escort Services in Kalka I can safely say that you will not be disappointed in me as you see that I am a perfect person you can be the boy who wants everything in life and does not miss out on anything at all I look like a person very close to you and this is what you have always been dreaming of do you want to have an exotic vacation and you can do that easily but what would be the point of being alone on a vacation a holiday is incomplete without a beautiful lady with you. I have lived in great conditions and I have been very happy in my life I would transfer my happiness to you and how have I been so happy I am always safe and comfortable I love to do what I want and I find ways to do what I want to do I would be the girl who has everything is what I dream of and for that I need to do what I need to do and that will give me the life I want I feel that I can take care of myself but I must not be lazy and then life will be certainly good I can live better if I work hard and do the things I need to I feel that I must only focus on my life and do what I should be doing and not what people are suggesting and I must always keep doing things so that life is great and I am taken care of I look good all the time and I do every little thing I need to do I want to have lots of money for more luxury and comfort and for that I need to have skills and a wide smile always I need to be very healthy and along with having lots of money I need to have a good mind and always make a plan and use my mind my first priority is to take care of myself and for that I need to be very healthy and stay safe only do things which are going to help me I must look at beautiful objects only and hopefully only have pretty things to look at I am a beautiful person is what I say about myself and I should always think good and make sure that life is well taken care of I feel that I must be relaxed and everything in life should be smooth and easy and for that I need to stay careful and smart I need to live in the present and move on in life I need to do things which are going to make my life incredible and with ease I want to spend my whole life and for that I must be confident always and be very positive life will be great and I look forward to every day in my life health is most important and I must remember things and not think about them again.

Garima has the most interesting life

I can tell many interesting things about myself and I would like to start with my childhood I would play a lot and I had lots of friends who wanted to become something when they grew up I was one of them and I wanted to be model which I became with lots of passion and hard work my story is rather interesting because I like to be very charming and I have practiced story telling one of my friends wanted to be an air hostess and I asked her why she told me that she wants to fly I asked her why not become a pilot and she told me that she wants to serve people and wear sexy skirts at the same time she was right about that much at least they do wear sexy skirts but the color is same every day and I asked her would not she get bored she said she is very interested in the job because she gets to meet people travelling to different locations such as many cities and countries and she would get to earn great money and also get to know about different places she can be in a plane always and be very comfortable I asked her if she has been in a plane ever and she said that twice she has been and she enjoyed the environment very much so much that she wanted to stay there and not go home and I said I hope that her choice remains the same when she grows up and to our delight it has and now she is working as an air hostess I would like to tell you more about my friends with whom I am still in touch I get to know what they are up to and it is very interesting to see what their choices were then and what they are now they have all become something and they get what they want or not depends on how much they can do in their life I can tell that there was another interesting charming girl who wanted to be a beautiful actress and she is indeed very charming and beautiful and she is not an actress though she changed her choice and instead became a supermodel she loves the things she does with this profession as she gets to showcase very pretty clothes. I am the most interesting is what I would like to tell you among my friends there was a boy who wanted to be an engineer and instead he is playing hockey for India which is truly amazing and this profession is far more enjoyable than the one he choose when he was younger he got into many sports and stayed fit and thus he enjoys the grand luxury this offers to him and the life is quite glamorous as he has found the life of an engineer would have been rather ordinary and this gives him an advantage as he is very famous and his parents are quite proud of him he gets seen by many and he loves to travel with the many he has he likes that all he has to do is play sports and stay fit and he learns new skills on the field he enjoys his life to the fullest with a life full of luxury and this is the life he could never think of he can buy anything he wants and his life is full of passion and the best thing is that he stays with very interesting boys who are his best friends though he equally loves that he can be very comfortable all the time and be greeted with smiles everywhere he goes he has told me that he had no idea he could be a hockey player at the time he wanted to be an engineer he gets to do what he wants and also have everything he wants I am a great friend and I like to know what my friends are up to I get to know what he does and he tells me what he likes to have and he shops a lot he tells me that it is false that girls shop more as it is only that people with a lot of money and time shop more I get to hear that he buys a lot of things and keeps them with him so he can enjoy them and he keeps everything great only he has time to search for the things he needs to buy and for that he needs to be very quick with little things in life like getting ready and also do a lot to take care of his skin and hair for him it is very important that he stays fit.

Fatima would tell her tale

I grew up having lots of candies and yet I never got fat I used to dance a lot and I wanted to learn dancing as well so later I joined a class to learn salsa and I loved that my teacher was very calm and fun and he taught me how to be very sexy while dancing I loved how I moved and over time I got better I enjoyed each day and it was my pleasure to be there I was the best student he had and we would have a chocolate afterwards he told me that dancing burns lots of calories and I did not want to do anything else for my fitness I did not exercise much or play sports even and I loved that dancing was enough as it is the most enjoyable activity that a person can do I am a very charismatic girl who makes a dance floor rock and I went to many dancing competitions and won many of them I loved that the audience was impressed by me in all of them I could not ask for anything better I went to these competitions and it was rocking to be there I felt that this is the best life I can have I grew up dreaming to be a dancer and I fulfilled my dream by becoming one there was no rocks in my path and thankfully things happened very easily I took all the help I could and I was never shy in asking for anything I wanted if anything occurred to me I found a way to have it I felt that I must never be hesitant in asking for anything I want I loved that I grew up in a healthy environment and everyone supported me in my path I felt very calm and I found that I could be anything I wanted to be I looked my best in each competition and I very much enjoyed the life that I had it was very big for me to earn a lot dancing so that I am very happy with everything I have I told my parents that I would do what I want and dancing is something they also agreed to and helped me achieve my dreams.